Our Philosophy

We are a small family run business whose core values and business philosophies revolve around quality products and exemplary service. We pride ourselves on coming through in a pinch and being stoutly dependable; and in the high pressure stakes of the events industry we feel that both of those traits are essential.



Errin is an Australian native and the former events and marketing director of Dashe Cellars, an award-winning local winery. He brings more than a decade of customer service experience and event planning to the table. Having worked at a venue he has firsthand knowledge of what is expected from the client’s perspective and having helped Alicia build her business from the ground up over the last 15 years he is well versed in the expectations from a planner’s perspective.

Joining forces with Alicia Falango of Alicia K Designs and her 15 years of event planning experience, we offer a skilled background and an improved service platform.